City Committees & Commissions


Airport‐Industrial Site Advisory Committee

The Airport-Industrial Site Advisory Committee meets once each month and is made up of area pilots, industrial site business men & women. It provides guidance and support to staff on upcoming capital improvement projects, provides support for grant funding opportunities, and provides guidance and feedback with other airport and industrial site business. 


Employee Safety Committee

The Employee Safety Committee meets once each month and is made up of City of Madras staff (at least one employee representing each agency department). This committee's role is to review accident reports, perform safety inspections to each agency department and facility, and provide new or improved ways for City staff to work in the most safe working environments as possible.


Madras Redevelopment Commission (MRC)

The Madras Redevelopment Commission meets once each month and is comprised of Madras business men & women. The MRC's goal is to assist in meeting the City's economic development objectives through rehabilitation of older and historic structures, redevelopment of key sites, improving transportation and utility facilities in the renewal area, assisting with the construction of needed public facilities, and creating public amenities. in addition, the MRC promotes private development, redevelopment, and rehabilitation within the urban renewal area to help create jobs, tax revenues, and self-sustaining, vital, and vibrant commercial districts.


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets once each month and is made up of area residents. The role of the Planning Commission is to provide balance, leadership, fairness, equity, decision-making, and communication for the community. The Planning Commission routinely provide balance and leadership by balancing competing interests in public hearings so decisions are made that reflect the community’s needs. The Planning Commission also assumes the role of ensuring fairness in public meetings where public decisions are made by following the prescribed procedures for public hearings established in the City of Madras Zoning Ordinance and in the Planning Commission’s By-Laws.sion meets once a month.


Public Works & Parks Advisory Committee

The City's Public Works & Parks Advisory Committee is made up of area residents with an interest in Madras' infrastructure, transportation systems, utility systems and area parks and amenities. It meets once a month to discuss new and on-going projects, help identify issues and/or safety concerns in town and brainstorm ways to improve Madras livability. 


Urban Forestry Commission

The Urban Forestry Commission meets once each month and is comprised of area residents with a common interest in tree selection, management and beautification within Madras. This group provides recommendations for tree selection and placement for new development in Madras, organizes the annual Arbor Day Celebration, and helps City staff to care for and maintain its tree network in town.