About Community Development

Our Mission

To translate into action the vision of the community and policies adopted by the Madras City Council and City Planning Commission by facilitating orderly growth and development in the City of Madras through coordinated programs of Planning, Building, Code Enforcement, education and service to the public.

Our Purpose

The Community Development Department is responsible for long range planning and improvement programming; zoning and zoning compliance; review and updating of development procedures; development code enforcement; park planning; land use and development application review and processing; and building, mechanical and electrical code compliance.

Department Structure 

The Community Development Department is broken down into four main functions:

Administration - To organize, review and coordinate the departmental resources in the
performance areas assigned to the Community Development Department. Provide statistical information related to the department activities.

Building - To administer the City's building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes program, including all plan check functions, codes administration, permit issuance, inspections, record keeping and public information.

Planning - To develop and implement advanced planning programs which accommodate state and federal requirements and respond to changing local needs. To direct, when appropriate, local plan and land use ordinance development, review and refinement. To provide, when available, in-house expertise for studies, projects and programs.

Land Use - To administer a program of plan and ordinance implementation through existing and proposed land use controls and incentives, including the processing of applications by City Council, Planning Commission, and any other commission or board which may be created and charged with land use issues.

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