About Urban Renewal

Our Mission

In its opening statement of overall goals for the urban renewal plan, the Task Force states that ....."The Plan will assist in meeting the City's economic development objectives through rehabilitation of older and historic structures, redevelopment of key sites, improving transportation and utility facilities in the renewal area, assisting with the construction of needed public facilities, and creating public amenities."   The Task Force further stated that a  primary goal of the plan is "To  promote private development, redevelopment, and rehabilitation within the urban renewal area to help create jobs, tax revenues, and self-sustaining, vital, and vibrant commercial districts." (Urban Renewal District)

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The Madras Urban Renewal Plan is a component of a community economic development effort by the City of Madras, and is administered by the Madras Redevelopment Commission which consist of a nine member board.

The Madras City Council initiated this effort in response to signs of physical and economic decline in the civic and commercial core of Madras, and to help Madras compete for development opportunities in Central Oregon.  The Council saw a need to provide incentives to attract new businesses to the commercial areas of Madras, and to improve conditions that limit the development potential of downtown Madras.  As a result multiple projects have been accomplisheed since it's inception.

The Madras Urban Renewal Plan was created with the assistance of a citizens' task force appointed by the City Council in 2001. The Task Force held a series of public meetings and workshops on the key elements of the plan, beginning in November, 2001.

For more information, please write to City of Madras Community Development Department at 125 SW "E" Street, Madras, OR 97741; call 541-475-2344; or email Nick Snead for further information.