great_earth_after.pngMRC Funded great_earth_before.pngProjects

Facade Program

The MRC provided financial assistance to businesses to renovate the facade of their business store front. Funding for this program is not currently available. Examples of this assistance includes Great Earth, Art Adventure Gallery, World of Treasures, Reynoso Jewelry, and Six Shooters Salon.20160318_082907.jpg




Property Acquisition and Remediation 

The MRC has purchased and remediated several properties with known harriman_after.pngharriman_before.pngdevelopment challenges and remediated the issues that prevented private development. The MRC currently has two properties for sale that are "shovel ready." Click here for more information. Examples of this assistance includes the Harriman Building and Mid Oregon Credit Union properties.

Development Assistance

The MRC provided financial assistance to private developers who constructed key developments identified in the Urban Renewal Action Plan. Financial assistance can be provided in grants and low interest loans. The 2016 Urban Renewal Action Plan identifies the types of development that he MRC will in the future provide financial assistance. Examples include Madras Cinema 5 and the Inn at Crosskeys Station Hotel.

Paint Grant Program

The MRC provides grant assistance for paint materials to business owners to repaint the exterior of their business. The MRC will continue to provide paint grants to businesses as funding is available. For a paint grant application, click here.

Downtown FlowersIMG_0010.JPGIMG_0309.JPG

The MRC has invested in flower pots for the downtown area to add vibrancy and beautification. On an annual basis, the MRC provides the flowers for the flower pots. The MRC partners with businesses to water and maintain the flower pots. The MRC intends to add new flower pots and flowers downtown as funding is available.