The Madras Police Department (MPD) takes the issue of illegal drugs in the City of Madras very seriously. There is a high amount of drug traffic in our area and the best way to effectively control it is with your help. The following will give you the tools needed to help us reduce the use and sales of narcotics in our town. Working together, we can make a difference.

What Can I Do to Help?

The fact that drugs have become a serious problem for communities across America is of no surprise and though Madras is a "small town," there is a lot that can be done to assist your police department in combating the use and sales of illegal drugs here.

Narcotics activity is usually reported to the Police via phone. There are however several ways you can report drug related activity to the Madras Police Department. Aside from calling on the phone, you can write us a letter detailing the information you have, or you could send us an email. Be sure to give as much detail as possible, to include names, addresses, times of the day and days of the week when this is taking place, vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers etc....) The information given will be forwarded to the Narcotics Division.

Anonymously Reporting Narcotics

You can report drug activity anonymously, however, the Narcotics Division prefers to obtain the identity of the reporting person. This will strengthen a case if it ever goes to court. If the identity of the reporting person is given to the officer, that information will not be given out to the suspected narcotics dealer if it is the request of the reporting person.

Information To Obtain Before Calling the Police

The information below will give you an idea of what will be helpful to the police when reporting narcotics activity in your neighborhood. This will assist us greatly in conducting our narcotics investigation.

*The location. Where is this activity occurring? *When is this activity occurring? Day, night, days of the week... etc... *Who is involved? Names, descriptions, etc.. *Vehicles involved. License plate #'s, make, year, color, any dents or identifying marks. Make a list of this. *Type of narcotics being used or sold. *Any weapons involved? *Any additional information you know that may help us out should be shared.

Obviously, some of this information will not be known to the complainant. Investigating officers will still conduct an investigation even if some of this information is not known.

Children and Drugs

There is detailed information on parents, kids and drugs, that can answer most all of your questions about various kinds of drugs, their addictions symptoms, psychological and physical effects, intervention, and communication with kids about drugs. This information can be located on our Drug Specifics page and in our Narcotic Related Information Links section. Take a peek. 

Dial 911 - for emergencies

541-475-2424 - Madras PD during business hours. You may leave a message in the general voicemail box or you may choose a specific Officers box.

541-475-2201 - Frontier Regional 911 Center, after hours.