Bike Patrol 

The Madras Police Department has one Police patrol bicycle that is used during the the warmer months of each year. Officers who choose to utilize the Police bike, to include Reserve Officers, will patrol the streets of Madras and enforce laws and ordinances in a much more flexible manner. The bike and equipment being utilized for this program have been donated by a small handful of local businesses who felt this type of patrolling effort would be an asset to the citizens of Madras.

In Touch with Email

In touch with E-mail was created and implemented by the Madras Police Department in an effort to close the communication gap between Jefferson County based businesses and the Madras Police Department. It is a way for information to be passed on to all participating businesses in a quick manor.

As cases come up, such as Bad/Forged Check, Runaway Juvenile's, Wanted Subjects, etc. A message will be typed out giving a complete description of the details, such as checking accounts to look for and not accept, persons to be watching for, vehicle descriptions and so forth. Also in the message will be included providing information as to what the Police are requesting they do if anything shows up at their business. An image of the check, or person the Police are looking for will be sent in the E-mail as an attachment file allowing the viewer to pull it up immediately. They can print the information along with the scanned imaged and keep it handy at their work for their employees to view.

If you are a Jefferson County based business and would like to participate in this program, send an email advising us of the same. Be sure to write 'In touch With E-mail' in the subject line. Also ensure that the E-mail address you are sending your message from is the same address you wish us to contact you at, or provide the actual address in the content of your message along with a phone number and name. You will be contacted via phone to confirm your request.

The reason we go outside the City limit with this program is because the subjects we wish to contact often live outside the Madras City Limits. Criminals often steal checks from within Madras and cash them as well as make purchases at stores throughout the county. By being a participant in this program you may be able to identify a bad check prior to accepting it and call for the Police.

Graffiti Cleanup 

Operation Graffiti Clean Up is a very simple method implemented by the Madras Police Department in conjunction with the Jefferson County Juvenile Department to stay on top of the ongoing problems in Madras with graffiti. There are not enough Officers in Madras to keep up with this and your help is needed. It's as simple as this:

During the course of your day, if you see graffiti on anything in Madras, email us with information as to the exact location. If you know the content of the graffiti then add this to your message as well. The information provided by you will be forwarded to the Juvenile Department and it will be assigned to a youthful offender for cleanup.