Current Projects

Madras Municipal Airport West Access Road

When complete will include:

  • Improvement  of approximately 4,900 lineal feet of new paved road (meets County Standards for Minor Collector Low Volume).
  • 32 foot  width paved road with gravel shoulders
  • Street  lighting
  • Storm grading and cross culverts


Skate Park to Fishing Pond Trail Extension

This project will start summer of 2017

  • This project will construct 3,050 linear foot of non-motorized
    10' wide paved multiuse trail to City of Madras Standards
  • from the Madras Bike and Skate Park to the Youth Fishing Pond located on Jefferson County
  • This project is funded by the Local Government Grant Program and Recreation Trails Program
  • The project will also include site lighting, shade trees, irrigation, fencing and a retaining wall with handrail. 
  • The trail has been designed to incorporate existing features (such as the drainage basin and natural vegetation) and coincide with future development that would be beneficial to the community and property owner.


Bard Lane Phase II

Summer of 2017

This will complete to upper section of Bard Lane and will include the following:

  • The work includes, installation of concrete curb and gutter, concrete driveway aprons, sidewalk, aggregate base
    rock, HMAC paving, landscaping, retaining wall, and irrigation and lighting.

Completed Projects

Willow Creek  Canyon to Madras Bike & Skate Park Trail Connection Project ("M" Hill Trail)



  • Completed spring 2013
  • Constructed Madras' first monument viewpoint 
  • 1.38 paved trail w/ slopes up to 20%
  • Primarily grant funded by the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department


 Police Station/City Hall


  • Completed spring 2013
  • Replaced the existing Police Station/City Hall
  • Funded primarily through USDA Rural Development


 Veterans' War Memorial Plaza Project


  • Completed
  • Is located in the City-owned lot adjacent to the General Aviation Building (at the SE corner of Berg Drive & Cherry Lane)
  • Constructed a veterans war monument located at the center of the plaza, featuring a B-17 aircraft
  • Plaza will feature a lit flagpole, monument lighting, landscaping and paver walk area around the monument 
  • From the air, the plaza will resemble that of a B-17 aircraft for those flying overhead
  • Primarily grant funded through the ODOT Veterans War Memorial Grant program, the Bean Foundation, the Samuel Johnson Foundation, and other private contributors