US 97/J Street Project

US Highway 97/"J" Street Realignment Project

Oregon Department of Transportation & The City of Madras

For the most updated information regarding this project, please visit the ODOT Project Website.

Why is this project needed?

Providing a safe, efficient transportation system that supports economic opportunity and livable communities is important to both the City of Madras and ODOT.  US 97 and "J" Street are critical part of the State's and the City's transportation system. US 97 is classified as an "Urban Principal Arterial" through the town of Madras and carries a high volume of freight and tourist traffic between the Washington and California borders. Both US 97 and "J" Street are important roadways for local traffic.

"J" Street in the City of Madras intersects US 97 at the southern end of the 4th/5th Street Couplet.  Currently the section of "J" Street located between the 4th and 5th Streets  is only 50 feet in length, which creates an unsafe condition because it does not provide adequate room for vehicles waiting to cross the intersection or turn onto US 97.  Recently the City has constructed an extension of "J" Street to the east and northeast of the intersection with US 97 and this street now functions as a major east-west route. An increase in traffic volumes along "J" Street and at the intersection with US 97 is driving the need for the installation of new traffic signals and a redesign of the intersections.